Lusatia's deepest netlabel for atmospheric forest music and contemporary field recording productions.


whose real name is Marcel Frehse, went into music by around 2003, when he started his own DJ career in local clubs, mainly in the synth pop / electro / industrial scene, including some international acts in Poland. By around 2008, it was no longer enough for him to just play music for the people, he wanted to go deeper and create something himself. This had already been indicated by a change in his sense of musical taste and while he was still a DJ he began to move towards the kind of music that was actually much more important to him and corresponded to his natural and original taste, which he also felt was right and much healthier for him.

So, with The Nautilus Project, he started to produce music that widely ranged between nautical themes, atmospheric nature based excursions and postmodern sci-fi-world explorations on a lot of international netlabels between 2008 and 2012, with digital releases, 12" and CD records. In terms of style, this project was and still is mainly focused on deep/dub techno, ambient, drone and related genres, while the production methods of pure software synthesis have changed more towards hardware synthesis. Over the years, the music of the project became much more detailed with an emphasis on surrounding nature and the profoundity of the human being amidst different scenarios and sceneries, including the extensive collection of field recordings and impressions from the forest, into which he wanted to delve much deeper and which in the end laid the foundation for the second music project he mainly pursues today: the music label Forest Roots, which became the ultimate channel to express all the music he always wanted to create, to produce and to distribute. And so, by October 2012, it was time to take the next step with his other artist name Nemo -  together with his long-time friend Jaymon.


with real name Heiko Fehrmann,

began his musical career much earlier during the years 1990 - 2000 and gained his first DJ experiences very early on. It was also at this time that he produced his first own music tracks in various genres of electronic music. There was a break until 2009, after which the first release was released on Mancha Recordings in collaboration with Zero in Something & Ras Ric, which received positive reactions locally.

From 2010 and onwards,


- 2010 : co-production with Nemo / The Nautilus Project on Insectorama (Germany)
- 2011 : re-release on Etui Records sampler with Zero in Something / Ras Ric
- 2012 : remixes for The Nautilus Project on Entropy Records (France) and Confineless Recordings (Germany)
- 2012 : co-foundation of the Forest Roots music netlabel together with Nemo / The Nautilus Project
- 2020 : release on Axaminer Records (Czech Republic)
- since 2013 : releases on CD / Cassette / Mini-Disc / Download on Forest Roots
- since 2013 : releases on the parallel Bandcamp page with own digital EP's- since 1990 - today : resident DJ at the Alte Bäckerei ("Old Bakery") Großhennersdorf