Lusatia's deepest netlabel for atmospheric forest music and contemporary field recording productions.

Forest Roots is an independent music label located in the district of Upper Lusatia, Germany. It was founded by Nemo & Jaymon in October 2012 and is focused on atmospheric audio experiences with an emphasis on field recording productions, specialising in electronic music variations of ambient and drone, deep/dub techno, natural soundscapes and related genres.

As indicated by its name, our central music theme is the forest, layered with a sound engine made from field recordings, taken on numerous trips through the mystical woods that touch our heart and soul by a deeper level of connection and devotion. It's all about the nature's entity which speaks to us and tells us where we should be, which signs we should follow and which paths we are about to walk. And it is about listening, watching and exploring, both to the forest and our heart, being one with nature, far away from civilization where no wanderer has ever been seen and where nature is still untouched by human hands.

All field recordings have been taken from metaphysically charged places with deepest passion and love for the moment, regardless of whether these samples are short loops or long tracks, decisive is the time and the place to go into epic details, because nature, especially forest, gives us more than we can ever comprehend. Thus we (re)use our field recordings in a myriad of ways, mostly for rhythm components and background elements. The music of Forest Roots has its own organic source code, except for the synthesizers which represent the only artifical sound generators in order to amplify the mood and the musical expression.

The label defines itself as a portal to the voice of nature, especially forest, that whispers to us in many ways. The most intense forms of memories are sounds and pictures, and in addition to the music, we have our own photography equipment to catch the moments and the messages from beyond. Photography is an important aspect of our label and an essential inspiring factor for our music, extending through all releases.

Forest Roots consists of Nemo & Jaymon, both owners of the label and producers at the same time. Although each with a different career history, they decided to go a very own way together. Nemo, also known as 'The Nautilus Project', who produced at various labels such as ZeECc, Entropy, Ornaments and Confineless Recordings, established his own typical sound on different physical and digital formats since 2008. Along the way, he gained much inspiration from the involvement in numerous collaborative projects. Jaymon, whose career started with DJing, initially released on a collaboration vinyl at Mancha Recordings in 2009. From then on he participated in several projects, including remixes for The Nautilus Project at Entropy Records and Confineless Recordings on physical media and digital platforms. With 2014, the label was delighted to welcome Jeremy Clarke, the British-born poet, as poet in residence. Both his graceful voice and contemporary word art are unqiue and everything a music composer could wish for; we feel very fortunated to have him at our side and are blessed to involve his prose and vocals into our productions.

In order to realize our very own music without external influences or restrictions, Forest Roots was founded as a label platform that originated in the mystical forests of southern Upper Lusatia and in the heart of the three-country region of Germany / Czech Republic / Poland.